A Brief History about Golf Fashion

Nowadays, golf players wear collared shirts when playing games. The golf shirts that they are usually wearing are made of pique cotton and polyester. Male golfers normally pair them with pants and shorts while the ladies wear them along with skirts. Like regular shirts, golf shirts have several designs as well. Aside from the short sleeved types, you can also get the sleeveless and 3/4 ones at Rockbottomgolf.

They are usually made by major brands that sell sporting gear.

Before these shirts were worn by today’s golfers, the players of yesterday wore certain clothes first.

Historians suggest that Scottish people were already playing golf as early as the mid-15th century. The Scots are said to be the ones who developed modern golf. They also created certain rules for the game. It is believed that they are the first ones who played it using 18 holes.

golfMore people started playing it around the 17th century. Since this game is considered an “invention” of the Scots, it is believed that the first ones who played golf wore kilts. Kilts are skirt-like garments that are usually worn by Scottish men. They wear kilts during sporting events and they usually pair them with socks and jackets. Researchers suggest that Scots started wearing these garments as early as 16th century.

When people from the upper classes started playing this game, golf fashion began to evolve as well. During the 18th century, male players would often play the game wearing long coats, above-the-knee socks and pointed shoes. Female golfers, on the other hand, would wear feathery hats and long fluffy skirts.

As the years went by, several innovations in golf fashion became widespread as well. By the time of the late 1800s, male golfers started wearing newsboy caps and pants. They also wore long-sleeved button shirts, suspenders, and vests. At that time, the ladies would often wear long-sleeved laced tops and long skirts that were less fluffy compared to the ones worn during the 16th-18th century.

Golf shoes that contain spikes are said to be invented during this period as well, particularly in 1891. Before these shoes were invented, some players would add nails to their shoes to be able to walk in slippery golf courses.

During the mid-1920s, the female players wore shorter skirts while men began wearing golf shirts. French tennis champion Rene Lacoste is said to be the one who started these shirts. He started creating these collared short-sleeved shirts in 1927. Lacoste originally designed these clothes to give comfort to tennis players who have problems with the outfits they wear.

Polo shirts (also called as tennis and golf shirts) became popular during the mid-20th century. They also revolutionized golf fashion by turning the once formal fashion into something casual.

Golfers continued purchasing these shirts. They chose them over long-sleeved tops and vests because they are comfortable and very easy to wear. By 1940s, golfers started pairing them with shorts.

During the ’60s, several shirt manufacturers created sleeveless polo shirts for female golfers. Ladies also paired these shirts with shorts and mini-skirts. Various brands also produced colorful golf dresses for the female golfers.

Polo shirts and golf shoes started to evolve during the 1990s. At that time, major sport brands began creating shirts that can cool the body and absorb sweat. The shirts became more accessible to various people worldwide. Many manufacturers produced affordable golf apparel as well. Those who are not even athletes also started to purchase polo shirts. They would often pair them with denim. Others also started to wear them at work. Golf shoes, on the other hand, became lightweight and flexible.