Give Your Challenge Coin an Edge

Challenge coins are truly a dime a dozen. Because of a multitude of manufacturers that offer customized challenge coins like, any organization can have one to represent them. So, how can you make your coins more distinct? Try giving them an edge.

Most coin designs are focused only on the main insignia or emblem that appears on the center of the coin. Not many pay attention to the borders at the edge of the coin. However, the coin edge can, in fact, make or break the overall design. It could provide emphasis that wonderfully frames the main design or it could make the coin uninteresting and look unfinished.

coinFortunately, there are many edges one can choose for their challenge coins. In deciding on what option to go for, keep in mind the overall look you would like to present. Also make sure that the edge does not clash with your main design, but rather enhances it. It is as well good to keep in mind what metal you are going to use and the finishing and painting that you will have done. The right edge can look very nice on the proper materials.

A plain edge is often standard with any manufacturer and does not involve additional costs. This is ideal for those who want a simple, sleek design. But, they also make your coins indistinct since it is the most popular option. It is best to choose this if your main design is already complex and would be further overwhelmed by a more creative edge.

On the other hand, there are a variety of special edges one can select from for a more elaborate challenge coins. This will, however, cost you more at most manufacturers.

The rope edge appears as a rope surrounding the border of the coin. There are different weaves that can be used for a rope edge like the single twist or braided look. This is a very traditional edge that is often seen in military coins.

The bezel edge gives your coin equally-distributed chiselled cuts all around. This gives it a shining appearance like a sun or a starburst when light hits it, so it looks best on polished metals.
The cross cut edge looks like crosses engraved around the coin. It is quite a strong look and is great for striking designs. Like the bezel, the cuts also catch light.

The line edge can come in a variety of angles and thicknesses. When done right, it could soften an otherwise strong, bold main design. The most popular type is the oblique line which are uniform diagonal lines cut around the border of the coin. It is popular amongst government offices.

The spur edge is a favorite among law enforcement units. This forms outward-facing waves on the border of the coin that look like spurs.
Additionally, more creative coin designs can bear more complex edge patterns. These can be of any motif that can be repeated on the edges of the coin’s shape. The edges could also be functional and show official codes or numbers that could not be incorporated into the main design.

Select a decorative edge for your challenge coins if you want to make them look more visually appealing and valuable. A wonderfully designed and made edge shows that a lot of effort was put into its production. The owner of such a coin would also treasure the item more because of the honor attached to its ownership. Moreover, a coin that looks finished and polished connotes a sense of professionalism. Those who regard the coin will unquestioningly respect the organization that bears its name.